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What is OpenSauced?

OpenSauced: Your Open Source Partner

OpenSauced is a platform dedicated to nurturing and expanding your open source community while recognizing every contributor's impact.

Our OpenSauced dashboard allows you to:

  • Understand open source projects: Get a comprehensive view of open source contributors and their engagement.
  • Discover valuable insights: Identify key contributors, emerging trends, and valuable project insights.
  • Engage effectively: Reach out to community members to foster involvement and collaboration.
  • Generate reports: Create insightful reports to visualize and communicate the influence of your community.
  • Collaborate with your team: Work together with your team or other contributors for a holistic approach to open source.
  • See beyond the green squares: Connect with various aspects of open source contribution and community activities.

Who is OpenSauced for?

OpenSauced is for maintainers, Open Source Program Offices (OSPOs), contributors, companies, community managers, and anyone interested in what's happening in the open source ecosystem.

Embarking on an OpenSauced journey enhances your growth and community engagement. Let's launch your open source success story! 🚀