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Introduction to OpenSauced 🍕

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You can watch "What is OpenSauced?" on YouTube.

OpenSauced is a platform dedicated to empowering maintainers and teams and redefining the meaning of open source contributions. We believe that every contribution, big or small, is valuable and deserves to be recognized. Our platform provides a way to track contributions through a GitHub-powered dashboard, allowing users to showcase their contributions and gain insights into their open source projects.

Our mission is to:

  • Empower maintainers and teams: Track and showcase your contributions and projects, connect with contributors, collaborate with your team, and gain insights into your open source projects.
  • Support contributors: Showcase your contributions, tell your story, connect with new projects and other contributors, and gain insights into your open source journey.
  • Highlight success: Showcase your contributions with our shareable Highlights, inspiring others to embark on their open source journey.
  • Unlock Insights: Understand the health of your project, track contributions, and make data-driven decisions with OpenSauced Insights.