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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I find good first issues?

We believe that good first issues don't exist, and the best way to find an issue to work on is to create the issue yourself.

However, sites like Good First Issues and First Timers Only can lead you to projects and issues worth working on. You can also use the good first issue label in the project search engine you want to contribute to. Check out this guide to learn more about finding a good first issue on GitHub.

Additional Resources:

2. My contribution does not show up on my OpenSauced profile. How do I fix it?

Create a Repository Insights Page or add your merged pull request to a Highlight.

3. Why does OpenSauced display contributors comments?

On every OpenSauced user profile, in the contributions tab, we display the Pull Requests and Issues that the user has commented on. This is to give a more comprehensive view of the user's contributions to the open-source community. It also provides insight into the contributor's depth of knowledge, collaboration and communication skills, and provides an additional data point for understanding the user's open-source contributions.

4. I want to provide feedback on OpenSauced.

We love feedback. Post your suggestion in our feedback repository.

Sync Your GitHub Team

1. I don't see my organization on "Sync your GitHub Team."

You may not see your organization if you are not a "public" member. You can update this by going to the organization on GitHub and selecting the "People" tab. Next, search for your name. You can then change "private" to "public." For complete instructions, see this guide.

2. I get an error when I try to select my team in "Sync your GitHub Team."

If you see your organization but get an error when selecting a team, your organization likely has restricted third-party applications. You can check this if you are an owner by going to "Your organizations" on GitHub, selecting "Settings", and then "Third-party Access."

If you're an owner of the repository, you can select "Allow select third-party access" or specifically approve OpenSauced by following the directions in this guide.

If you are not an owner of the organization, you will need to check with your organization's owner and request access. For complete instructions, see this guide.

3. Do I need to grant authorization to connect GitHub to OpenSauced?

Yes, auth access through GitHub OAuth is required to link your profile to a workspace/team. As an early stage startup, we chose this method for its simplicity. We also request read-only access to your GitHub organizations to gather Contributor Insights based on public GitHub Teams data. We ensure all data used is public and read-only.