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OpenSauced Glossary

Welcome to the glossary, where we define concepts used on our platform to help you get the most out of OpenSauced.

Active Contributors​

A contributor who has been active in the last 30 days.


Activity tracks Pull Requests (PRs) over the last 30 days:

  • High: More than 80 PRs.
  • Medium: Between 5 and 80 PRs.
  • Low: Below 5 PRs.

Activity Ratio​

The activity ratio in Workspaces is based on pull request commits, issues comments, and the number of unique contributors.

Alumni Contributors​

A contributor who has not been active on a project in the last 30 days.

Contributor Confidence​

Contributor Confidence is a metric that estimates the likelihood of users who star or fork a repository returning to make contributions within a specified time range. It is calculated by analyzing the contribution patterns of these users, considering both their activity in other repositories and their direct contributions to the repository in question. Forks are weighted more heavily than stars, and users who do return to contribute significantly influence the confidence score. This metric helps contributors gauge the activity level of a repository and assists maintainers in understanding user engagement, thereby providing insights into the overall health and vibrancy of the project.

Contributor Insights​

The Contributor Insights feature enables you to categorize, monitor, and analyze different groups of contributors within open source projects. With the Contributor Insights feature, gain granular insights into each contributor's activity and contributions.

Lottery Factor​

The Lottery Factor is a metric that identifies how at risk a project is if a key contributor leaves. It is calculated by the percentage of pull request (PR) contributions made by the top contributors. If 50% of the PR contributions come from two or fewer contributors, the lottery factor is high.

The name "Lottery Factor" comes from the idea that if a key contributor wins the lottery and leaves, the project is at risk. This is sometimes known as the bus factor.

New Contributors​

A contributor who has recently made their first contribution to a project.

PR Overview​

PR Overview tells the story of the Pull Requests (PRs) submitted in the last 30 days:

  • Green line: Open PRs.
  • Red line: Closed PRs.
  • Purple line: Merged PRs.
  • Grey line: Draft PRs.

PR Velocity​

PR Velocity tracks how quickly Pull Requests (PRs) are being merged in by identifying the average time to completion from the request submission.

Repository Insights​

The Repository Insights feature is a one-stop solution for understanding the pulse of your open source projects and contributions. This feature is designed to provide a comprehensive view of your project's health and your individual contributions.

YOLO Coders​

A β€œYOLO coder” is an individual owner, contributor, or maintainer who pushes changes directly to the default branch of a repository without creating a pull request or seeking any community feedback. This risky practice bypasses essential review and collaboration processes.