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Organize and Monitor Your Contributors

The Contributor Insights feature enables you to categorize, monitor, and analyze different groups of contributors within open source projects. With the Contributor Insights feature, gain granular insights into each contributor's activity and contributions.

Monitor individual commit histories, track who is actively engaged, identify alumni or new contributors, and even compare the performance of contributors against each other. This encompasses a wide range of metrics such as code commits, created and reviewed pull requests (PRs), as well as issue creation and commenting.

Contributor Insights Page

How to Create a Contributor Insight Page

After logging in, navigate to "Insights" in the sidebar. Click the "+" next to it to be presented with options, and select "New Contributor Insight."

There are three ways to add a list:

  1. Explore Contributors: Use our explore tool to find contributors and create your list.
  2. Sync your GitHub Team: Connect to your GitHub to create a Contributor Insight Page from a team in your organization.
  3. Import your GitHub Following: Connect to your GitHub to create a Contributor Insight Page with all the contributors you follow.

Once your Contributor Insight Page is created, you'll be able to see an overview of all the contributors in your list, a graph of their activity, and a detailed breakdown of the contributors.


If you're having trouble syncing your Organization or Team, check out the "Sync Your GitHub Team" section in our FAQs.

By default, your Contributor Insight Page is public. If your Contributor Insight Page is private (a PRO plan feature), only those with access to your Workspace will be able to view it.