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Highlight Your Open Source Contributions

The Highlights feature is the place you can display your favorite open source contributions, share the story, and inspire others to join you in your open source journey. For maintainers, it's a great way to showcase your project and the issues that need support and attract new contributors.

There are currently three types of highlights you can add to your profile:

  • Blog posts
  • Pull request
  • Issue

How to Add a Highlight

  • Go to OpenSauced's Highlights feed.
  • Click the "Post a highlight to show your work!" input.
  • Paste the URL to your blog post, pull request, or issue in the bottom input.
  • Either use our Auto-Summarize feature or write your own summary.

highlights demo

For more examples of highlights, go to the OpenSauced Highlights feed.

Eager to get started? Check out the Effectively Highlight Your Contribution section in our free "Intro to Open Source" course to learn more.