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Creating Open Source Connections

· 3 min read
Bekah Hawrot Weigel
Developer Experience Lead

As it stands today, the open source ecosystem can feel disconnected. Theoretically, we know that there are maintainers, contributors, and projects out there that are incredibly talented and innovative, but finding them can feel like searching for stars in a cloudy night sky. Sometimes you need to have that information – and fast – to be able to maintain your own projects.

The Challenge of Open Source Connections

Imagine you're at a tech company using cutting-edge technology. You need to upstream some important changes to ensure future compatibility but you find yourself hitting a wall. Who exactly should you reach out to? Who are the key contributors with the right expertise? Traditionally, this process would involve a lot of guesswork and detective work, looking through commit histories or issue discussions. Enter StarSearch, designed to change how we discover and connect with others in the open-source universe. With StarSearch, in just a few clicks, you’re able to identify key contributors skilled in that technology and maintainers who may have the answers you need. StarSearch isn’t just a tool; it’s your entry point into a more intimate, interconnected open-source community.

Introducing StarSearch

StarSearch leverages advanced analytics and AI, all fueled by real-time data from GitHub Events. StarSearch isn’t just about identifying who committed what; it’s about understanding the dynamics and interactions within the open source community.

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Connecting with StarSearch

Here’s how StarSearch addresses some of the common queries and needs within the community:

  • What type of pull requests has {username} worked on?
  • Who are the best developers that know {technology} and are interested in {technology}?
  • Who are the most prevalent contributors to the {technology} ecosystem?
  • Show me the lottery factor for contributors in the {repository} project?

These questions can be the starting point for building stronger projects and communities, allowing us to find people with passion and expertise that we may have never connected with before.

Learn More About StarSearch

You can check out more about our approach and process, as well as the resources:

Watch our "What is StarSearch" Video

what is starsearch

The Future of StarSearch

StarSearch provides a nuanced view of the open-source landscape. It’s more than a tool; it’s a new way to navigate the open-source ecosystem, bringing clarity, connections, and community to our tooling and making the open source ecosystem feel more like a tightly knit community where everyone knows your name – and your code. And we're just getting started. We have big plans for the future of StarSearch.

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