The Future of Open Source Collaboration is Here: Meet StarSearch




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At OpenSauced, we are thrilled to announce our latest feature: StarSearch. Get in-depth insights into contributor history with our AI-powered feature, StarSearch - and you can join the waitlist now!

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With StarSearch, you can now uncover, understand, and leverage contributor history.

What Can You Discover with StarSearch?

  • Contributor Activities: Learn the details of contributions and contributors.
  • Key Contributors: Identify the key contributors to projects and ecosystems.
  • Work-Based Connections: Find potential collaborators based on their contributions to specific projects.
  • Hidden Experts: Discover untapped talent in the ecosystem.

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A Solution to Sourcing Talent

Recently, Adam Wathan of Tailwind CSS expressed a challenge: attracting applicants well-versed in a niche combination (Rust and Tailwind) despite offering competitive salaries. Inspired by this challenge, we asked ourselves, "Wouldn't it be cool if we built something to find this persona?" StarSearch allows you to get answers to your questions even when you don't have the context. The context for this question: most of the developers on the list work on front-end focused teams with an interest in developer performance.

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We’re not just another tool; we're here to redefine the meaning of open source. Let's uncover the stories behind the code together - Join the Waitlist Today and be sure to follow us on Product Hunt to be notified when we go live!

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Bekah graduated from a coding bootcamp in May of 2019 and since then has spent time as a frontend developer, started the Virtual Coffee tech community, spent time in DevRel and has continued to mom her four kids. She currently co-hosts the and Virtual Coffee podcasts, lifts heavy things in her free time, & works as the Developer Experience Lead at OpenSauced.

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