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Maintainer Monday: Community Care

· 2 min read
Bekah Hawrot Weigel
Developer Experience Lead

Last week, we kicked off Maintainer Month with Enhancing Support for Open Source Maintainers. Now, we're continuing our love of maintainers with our Maintainer Monday post, shouting out some of our favorite maintainers and their projects.

This week, I'm choosing two maintainers from the X Spaces I've been doing for OpenSauced. I really learn a lot from my conversations with maintainers, but in both of these conversations I've returned to the wisdom they shared over and over again. Thank you, @danielroe and @bholmesdev for being guests and supporting the open source community.

Daniel Roe

Daniel brings his experience as a maintainer to Nuxt.js as leader of the core team. When we chatted, I really appreciated his focus on equipping other people to be able to grow and to support the project in different ways. Another part of the conversation that stood out to me was his desire to empower contributors. As part of that, he even offers time for contributors to book a call with him!

  • You can still listen to the space here.
  • You can learn more about Nuxt, here

Nuxt stars, forks, PRs, and issues over 30 days

Ben Holmes

Ben talked about being a Core maintainer for Astro and how he found that role. He shared a lot about how he sees the community and the importance of leaving a positive impact on the open source ecosystem. He shared his experience of shipping your personal open source projects without waiting for perfection.

  • You can still listen to the space here
  • You can learn more about Astro here

Astro stars, forks, PRs, and issues over 30 days

Let us know who your favorite maintainers are so we can feature them this month!

Sneak Peek - Watching:

We're about to launch a new feature called StarSearch - your copilot for git history - and you can see what it said about Daniel Roe in the teaser below or view the full gif here, and if you're interesting in beta testing, you can sign up for the waiting list and share with your friends.

gif of StarSearch reporting on Daniel Roe