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Additional Resources

On this page, you can find resources to help you learn further about contributing to open source:

Guides and Tutorials

  • Open Source Guides by GitHub: Comprehensive guides on various aspects of open source, including getting started, contributing, maintaining projects, and building communities.

  • First Contributions by Roshan Jossey: A beginner-friendly guide that walks you through making your first contribution to an open source project.

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Open Source Software Development by The Linux Foundation: A free online course that covers the basics of open source software, including its history, licenses, and development models.

  • Mozilla's Open Source Student Network (OSSN): Provides resources and support for students interested in open source, including guides, events, and mentorship opportunities.

  • Introduction to GitHub and Open Source Projects by DigitalOcean: A beginner-friendly tutorial series that covers the basics of open source, including how to find projects to contribute to, understand the codebase, and submit contributions.

  • Open Source Friday by GitHub: A global movement that encourages individuals and organizations to contribute to open source every Friday. The website provides resources and guides on how to get started in open source and find projects to contribute to.

Blog Posts