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A green contribution graph looks cool and can encourage you to build a daily coding habit.


It's only a surface-level indicator of

how capable a developer is.

Find the engineers making real impact in OSS projects

Using our developer first metrics, you can see a true representation of any developer’s ability.

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Build healthy teams that grow

Identifying contributors in projects can be opaque. With OpenSauced, you get actionable insights into your team's contributions.

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Slice through data

Actionable Insights

Make informed decisions by understanding project activity and how they compare to others.

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Contribution Alerts

Limit Contributor Churn

The bus factor is a measurement of the risk resulting from information and capabilities not being shared among team members. OpenSauced alerts you so contribution churn spreads evenly across contributors.

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Grow Contributor Community

Insights on Contribution

OpenSauced provides month over month insights on contribution growth, while tapping into the community to find more contributors.

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Contribution Distribution

Understand PR Velocity

Sometimes getting your pull request reviewed, agreed upon, and approved feels like playing a game of tug of war with the reviewers. You end up discussing, changing parts of the code and at times having some healthy arguments too.

Get insights from Stars to PRs

Most projects give data when developers star your project. Find out what happens after that star with OpenSauced.

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The value of Open Source

I was learning and contributing Appwrite's Flutter SDK, and later I got employed by Appwrite 🎉

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Damodar Lohani


Our Secret Sauce

OpenSauced Blog

Musings on the open-source community, engineering, and the future of talent acquisition.

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Good first issues don’t exist




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Retaining the best engineers


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Measuring success in open source

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