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Mind the Gap: Advanced Organization Insights




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TL;DR: GitHub Organization Insights is no more, but OpenSauced is stepping in with open source Insights for Projects and Teams, available today. With Insights and Lists features you can learn more about contributor engagement, track trends, and empower your open source projects.

The Importance of Open Source Insights

Understanding the health and impact of open source projects, teams, and organizations is crucial to sustainability and growth in open source. In 2019, GitHub launched a beta of Organization Insights, offering invaluable data and analytics.

organization nav for insights

Now, with its deprecation, OpenSauced steps forward with an even more comprehensive OpenSauced solution: Insights and Lists.

OpenSauced Insights: Seeing Your Project Clearly

Last year we shipped tools for maintainers to gain repository insights and contributor lists. What we learned from this is that folks responsible for the health of the project depend on these insights to help them understand the activity and trends around their contributions to validate with stakeholders.

We believe insightful metrics are essential for a project's success. Our open source Insights provide real-time data on pull request (PR) activity and velocity and monitor the status (open, closed, merged) to optimize workflow and identify bottlenecks. Some of the largest open source projects provide commit access to community contributors and need to regularly check who needs access and who doesn’t. The fastest way to do that is to see a visual representation of who is making contributions and who is not.

homebrew contribution list

Getting updates on contribution patterns has also proven useful when seeing a distribution of contributions and identifying when a project is at risk of no or low maintenance. In a recent conversation with an enterprise, we learned that after a number of acquisitions, they now maintain 10+ GitHub organizations and their public repositories. They have no easy way to know which projects need to be deprecated and which ones could use some additional maintenance to prevent deprecation.

Drilling Deeper with Lists

open sauced contributor list

Our List feature allows you to organize contributors for granular analysis. You can also track specific teams, repositories, or new and alumni contributors to understand where work is distributed. When most of the industry considers stars as the metric for success in open source, what we found is that new contributors is the metric. Seeing new contributors and their impact provides fuel for maintainers to repeat that success.

OpenSauced sets out to be that home for those organizational insights that you can be proud of by providing a way to gather knowledge about your repositories at the organizational level. This is why we are embarking on a path to track not just repositories but entire organizations. This will be the key to unlocking insights across organizations.

gif link showing the syncing of orgs

Test out our latest version that allows you to sync a team from your organization on OpenSauced and generate a list to highlight their contributions across organizations.

Stay saucy

Bdougie, CEO of OpenSauced

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