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A green contribution graph looks cool, and can help encourage you to build a daily coding habit. However, it is only a surface level indicator of how capable a developer is. Find out your true impact to OSS community using our developer first metrics that outline a true representation of a developer’s ability.

Build healthy communities that grow.

Identifying contributors in a projects can be opaque. With Open Sauced, you get actionable insights into contributions that you can see.

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Less charts, more insights

Let’s slice through the charts and graphs. Understand if your project is actively attracting contributors or not instantly. Leverage insights to find new contributors using our unique trend analysis.

Contributor Churn

The bus factor is a measurement of the risk resulting from information and capabilities not being shared among team members, derived from the phrase "in case they get on a bus and never return.” Open Sauced alerts of possible contribution churn spreads evenly across contributors.

Communities of Contributors

Open source is always better with contributors, but most projects are clueless on how to attract contributors and then how to keep contributors. Open Sauced provides month over month insights contributors growth. Leverage the community of contributors to find more contributors.

No more stale PRs

Sometimes getting your pull request reviewed, agreed upon, and approved feels like playing a game of tug of war with the reviewers. You end up discussing, changing parts of the code and at times having some healthy arguments too. So how can you avoid draining energy on pull requests?

The value of open source.

LohaniDamodar's photo
Damodar Lohani @LohaniDamodar

I was learning and contributing Appwrite's Flutter SDK, and later I got employed by Appwrite 🎉

VORT☰X's photo
0_vortex @VORT☰X

contributing to @saucedopen helped me land a job at snyk! 😁🍕🫶

kentcdodds's photo
Kent C. Dodds 💿 @kentcdodds

formly-js/angular-formly was attractive to a director at PayPal and helped him trust that I would be a productive remote member of the team.

abeck617's photo
AntMan617 @abeck617

Just want to say thank you very much Rizel @blackgirlbytes for having my back and @saucedopen for this opportunity to contribute to your platform!

 Matthew Foley's photo
matthewtfoley @ Matthew Foley

My director caught that I got shouted out during @github Universe - that convo was pretty fun 🤩 Thanks @bdougieYO for making me internet famous for working on @saucedopen !

O_sunday15's photo
Ogbonna Sunday @O_sunday15

Made my first #opensource contributor to @saucedopen and I was lite😊😊.. I'm learning more and more by the day💪